CVIFT November Meeting Notes
by Bruce Ferree

On November 12, almost 25 members of CVIFT gathered in Stockton for a CVIFT meeting that included great opportunities for networking, a great meal, and some learning about olive oil.

The meeting at French 25, a Cajun/Louisianan restaurant, featured a great meal of Cajun fish and chicken with all the trimmings. Attendees had plenty of time before and during dinner to converse and discover the first-time attendees. We also caught up with friends and long time members. Some of us also learned about member interests and work tasks that can be useful in our own work.

Our speaker for the evening was Ms. Patricia Darragh, of the California Olive Oil Council who braved the traffic from the Bay Area to teach us about the ‘Sensory profiles of California olive oil’. She brought samples of local northern California oils to accentuate her teachings and we all had fun tasting and learning. Numerous questions were asked of Ms. Darragh. All of which she handled in a knowledgeable and informative manner showing her breadth and depth of knowledge in this area.

To finish off the night, Ms. Darragh donated her sample bottles to a raffle of products also donated by other attendees. There was wine and gift cards and chocolate and much more. Very few attendees left empty handled. All in all it was an enjoyable and educating evening for the CVIFT.

On a similar note, the Central Valley IFT has not had elected officers for a few years now. All the effort to provide these meetings has been through efforts of long-time members and those who want to see the CVIFT succeed. If you are interested in being an elected leader of CVIFT and helping to see the CVIFT into successful future years, please contact Susan Spafford-England at, or Bruce Ferree at

Thanks to all who were instrumental in making this meeting happen and making it enjoyable.

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