Food Safety Manager (7/2/18)

About the Role: 
We’re looking for an experienced food safety professional to work closely with Good Eggs to ensure our food hubs and production facilities are in compliance with all relevant regulations on an ongoing basis.  The Food Safety Manager will have two primary areas of responsibility:
  1. Auditing, building, and implementing all aspects of Good Eggs’ Food Safety Program. This person will work with Operations and Kitchen staff at all facilities to ensure that food safety programs are current and being followed by all staff. The leader in this role will also be involved in ensuring that Good Eggs facilities are in compliance with all relevant city, county, and state regulations on an ongoing basis.
  2. Working with with the Assortment team to manage vendor compliance program, define requirements from all of our suppliers and build & implement programs to collect & manage documentation.
Major responsibilities:
  • Assess areas of risk within Good Eggs’ operations, identify and prioritize solutions
  • Create, implement, and review all areas of Good Eggs’ Food Safety program.
    • Food Safety Plans (GMPs, SOPs, sanitation, etc)
    • HACCP
    • Health Department relations
    • City, County, and State regulations
    • FSMA requirements
    • USDA requirements
  • Create training materials and manage rollout of training programs to ensure all employees are following proper protocol
  • Ensure all facilities are in compliance with county and state regulations.
  • Review and update requirements for producers supplying us with products

The ideal candidate has:

  • Food safety manager certification
  • Cultural fit and passion for Good Eggs’ mission
  • Experience developing Food Safety programs and related documentation
  • Experience with Food Safety training for a large, non-exempt staff
  • Substantial experience in regulatory issues in the food industr y
  • Impeccable communication skills, both spoken and written
  • Proven track record of success.
  • Proficiency in Google and Microsoft Office suite software (i.e. spreadsheets, presentation, and word processing software)
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