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Speaker: Dr. Parastoo Yaghmaee
"The Application of Electromagnetic Technologies in Disinfestation and Disinfection of Low Moisture Agricultural Products"

Food industry is always looking into new ways of processing that help with providing a safe food. Technologies and processes that pasteurize, sterilize or preserve high moisture food product have been utilized and discussed extensively, while low moisture food products were considered safe and not a concern. However, the increasing number of outbreaks due to Salmonella and Escherichia coli associated with low moisture food product and costly recalls have altered the view of regulators and food processors. It is becoming necessary to include a treatment step in the processing line of low moisture food product to address the risk of pathogens and ensure safety.
The presentation will talk about the currently used methods for microbial reduction and disinfestation of low moisture product. Then will focus on new approach of using electromagnetic technologies, radio frequency and microwave disinfection and disinfestation. The industrial application will be explained with examples and the associated hurdles and difficulties will be discussed.

Dr. Parastoo Yaghmaee
Dr. Parastoo Yaghmaee, Vice president of Process solutions and validations at Ziel Process Solutions, received her PhD in food science from University of British Columbia, Canada. She is a Certified Food Scientist, Thermal Process Specialist and recognized Process Authority with Almond Board of California.  She began her career as lecturer and researcher at the University of British Columbia working on encapsulation techniques using novel dehydration technologies.  She also held the position of senior scientist in EnWave corporation, working on vacuum microwave technology for dehydration of food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical product.  Later on Dr. Yaghmaee joined RF Biocidics where she developed Radio frequency processes for pasteurization of nuts and other low moisture product.  Her academic and industry credential also includes several peer review scientific publication, book chapter and patents (for NCIFT)


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