Russ Nishikawa Helping Hand Award

  1. Provide support to deserving industry members and students for NCIFT meeting fees who showcase Russ Nishikawa’s spirit of selflessness, service, and volunteerism.
  2. Scholarship amount awarded: meeting registration costs related to attending any NCIFT dinner, function, or meeting that requires attendees to pay an attendance fee (up to $1,000 annually)
  3. Timeline: applications accepted throughout the year – due one week before the scheduled meeting
  4. Eligibility
    • Professional or student member of IFT
    • Want to attend NCIFT meeting
    • Need help with registration costs
  5. Application requriements
    • Name, email, phone contact, provide current place of employment, unemployment, or year in school, a brief description of IFT/NCIFT involvement, provide a statement of Need


Student Travel Grants

  1. Provide travel assistance for students attending National IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo (June/July)
  2. Scholarship amount awarded: up to $500
  3. Timeline: March 22nd to May 5th deadline
  4. Based on
    • Activity in their Food Science Club, NCIFT activities (including CVIFT, MBIFT, and SJIFT), and National IFT
    • Members of NCIFT


Marie and William Cruess Scholarships

  1. Trust fund established by Marie Cruess for NCIFT.
  2. Encourage deserving junior or senior students to continue pursuing a curriculum leading to degree in Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, or related field
  3. Scholarship amount awarded: $1500
  4. Timeline: October 22nd to December 7th deadline
  5. Eligibility requirements
    • Students in their Junior/Senior year attending any college/university within the boundaries of NCIFT and pursuing a B.S. degree in Food Science, Food Technology, Nutrition, or related field.
    • Reside within NCIFT geographic area.
    • Good academic standing with well-rounded personality.
    • First time recipients not required to be a member of IFT or NCIFT.  Applicants who have previously received a Marie and William Cruess Scholarship must be student members of both IFT and NCIFT.
  6. Application requirements
    • - Current resume, personal statement, copy of transcripts of academic records, and letter of recommendation


Congratulations to 2017 Marie and William Cruess Scholarship Recipients



Committee Contact:

Dale Olds
Chair, NCIFT Grants Committee

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