Suppliers’ Night

Hello NCIFT Friends,

Just a reminder that The NCIFT Suppliers’ Night has gone virtual this year.  We have planned a Virtual Suppliers’ Event from April 5 thru April 30. We have numerous suppliers lined up to bring you all the good information you’ve received live in the past years, only in a virtual setting.  

Registration opens on March 20, and it is available for you at this link:  IFT-Details and Pricing  There is no fee to attend this event. 

Live Exhibitor Events are Planned 

SPI Coffee Club

Caldic Technical Baking Session

What’s New with SPI

Sodium Reduction with Saltwell 

On-Demand information and events are available from numerous exhibitors.  

Join your friends to find information and education from our wonderful exhibitors.

In addition, exhibitors will have informational posts and virtual access to their products, services, and sales representatives. 

NCIFT Educational Forums/Webinars

One each week of April:  

  1. Key actions to maintain your food safety programs during disruptions. 
  2. All about CFS. What it is, how to achieve the certification, and how to maintain the certification.
  3. Mitigating pathogen risks in manufacturing (process and environment) — a one-stop solution where microbiology meets digitalization.
  4. Active edible coatings and films with Mediterranean herbs to improve food shelf-life.  

Social Events

NCIFT Monthly Meeting (trivia night) on April 8. Watch for more emails and keep your eyes on our social media group posts for more information on this fun event. 

A calendar of events will be published using email and social media late in the week before the event. It’ll also be posted on the site for easy access. 

Because other IFT Sections in our area have had to cancel their in-person supplier events, we have invited their members to join us. You can interact with members of the San Joaquin Valley Section, Oregon Section, Puget Sound Section, and the British Columbia Section, as well as NCIFT members. This means we could have more than 2,500 attendees. As Chair of the NCIFT Suppliers’ Event, I know you’ll find information and education in this virtual setting similar to what you would have at the in-person event.

If you would like to join us as an exhibitor, please contact Imelda at the NCIFT office at  Remember, the event goes all through the month of April, so even if you want to start exhibiting on the 10th, this event can still create leads for you.  We look forward to having you share the event with us.  

I’m looking forward to ‘seeing’ you at the event.

Bruce Ferree, CFS, IFTF
NCIFT Suppliers’ Night Chair


    Imelda Vasquez

    (650) 802 0888