Meeting Minutes April 23, 2018 - NCIFT

Executive Committee


Meeting Minutes April 23, 2018

Call to Order: 4:05pm
Officer 1: 
Abigail Selya
Officer 2: Anjali Gantule


Abigail Selya
Anjali Gantule
Brad Olson
Carol Cooper
Craig Rothe
Florence Wu
Ilona Datskovskaya
Jaspreet Walia
Klay Liu
Nikoo Arasteh

Officer Updates:

  • Membership including lapsed membership is 1380 total members further breakdown is available in a detailed report. (Central Valley separated off which is why there might be larger fluctuations than normal).


  • Bank of America reached out with the information on how much money we spent on scholarships. They provided a breakdown of information from the Cruess fund and scholarships used for new professionals, including science fair, and travel reimbursement. Spent about $21,000 last year.
  • Craig and Brad spoke to Wells Fargo about adjusting our account. We need signatures of all “owners” of the account, which currently include Jayne, Liz Cuff, Earl, Jas, Craig, Brad to close the account. We need to figure out a strategy for accounts to ensure consistency as board members transition between leadership levels.
  • Brad has been added on as an administrator to the Wells Fargo Account and now can close accounts. They need a separate account for scholarships so we do not overlap scholarships and event budgets. We can choose to close our existing account and open a new one with Imelda and Jayne and cycle through the new board members.
  • NCIFT travel grant is currently accepting applications, deadline to apply is May 5. *Are we able to support Chico for this as well even though UC Davis is the only accredited IFT association?

Committee Updates:

  • Nominations & Elections Committee (3 Directors at Large, 1 President-Elect)

          Need to send updated ballot and information to the Hornblower for the next issue and Mike McCarthy because he will be sending out a survey monkey for the chapter to vote.

  • Scholarships & Grants Committee

           Contacted by an organizer for the Los Altos History Museum’s Apricot STEM Fair, and they’d love to have the UC Davis Food Tech Club or NCIFT do a STEM demo for the fair on Sat. June 24th. It would be a great outreach and visibility opportunity!  (Pallavi/Anjali Volunteered to spearhead this activity. )

  • Suppliers Night- Golf May 7th/8th Suppliers night, 280 tables 11 silver, 10 Gold, 6 Bronze Sponsorship, 354 people registered to attend and email blasts sent out every week. Numbers look good and preparation is underway. Rooms will be set up on Wednesday to finalize the symposium. Trying to have the screen for the stage to be larger and catering finalized by Wednesday. Volunteers level is good however we are still trying to get more donations for the golf tournament and will try to put more awards in the symposium. If the committee members can help spread the word for more people to sign up for the event. Imelda already sent out a donation reminder. Additionally we can request more volunteers to help but we need to notify people early. Suppliers Night is our biggest event, need to figure out if we need more help and ask who would like to volunteer for both days. Need to contact list of volunteers to get volunteers early.

          Need to reach out to any food organization with a flyer to see how many people we can get to attend the event. 

  • Reviewed previous minutes 12/7/18 and motioned to approve Jaspreet motioned Craig Seconded minutes were approved.

Unfinished Business

  • Wells Fargo next steps Brad to follow up to determine how we can proceed to streamline our accounts and owners.
  • Brad/Carol: Hornblower Fees -> Move towards digital format – connect with advertisers verify that they would still want to be a part of it. Will be adding approved minutes into the issues. February meeting minutes will be added to next issue. Start email to membership with a link to the Hornblower and then segway next year to a digital only copy. See if we can measure how many people visit the site. Can be beneficial for the advertising if the quality of images link.
  • Jaspreet/Bianca-work on developing new involvement and assigning a champion with industry connections for low attendance areas.
  • Holiday Party –Next year get sponsorship and revenue from our party. We would like to do a holiday party using our non-profit benefits at a new location and have it bumped up to the November timeframe. Potential of having a turkey raffle during this event. Nov 10-17th Target date. (Abigail/Brad/Jaspreet can reach out to other venues for hosting our event). 
  • IFT 18 Meeting (Best of the West)- Tentative-“Tuesday” (5:00-TBD) Mixer at IFT several sections have bought into the concept. The other sections have committed $1000 to support the event NCIFT will also give $1000. Voted Ilona Datskovskaya favored, Craig Rothe Seconded  Jaspreet Walia also Seconded approved by the group. Need to set a location.
  • Another event for UCD Aggie alumni event on tentative-“Monday” (5:30-7:30)   

New Business

  • Another event for UCD Aggie alumni event on tentative-“Monday” (5:30-7:30)   
  • Suppliers night verify that NCIFT has a table. A new banner will be ready in the next two days 2.5’x4’.
  • Three students from Davis have volunteered for suppliers night and are wondering if the board could cover the cost to transfer them down to the event. Once we know how many students are coming we will be able to provide how we will need to fund this.
  • Expenses for college bowl last year were $3000 so far the Food Tech Club has fundraised $800 and are trying to find out how to pay for $2200  for this year’s event. They are reaching out to UCD department but will reach out to us if needed.
  • Updated our bylaws to reflect our membership updates. Approved pending email review: Motioned: Craig Rothe Seconded: Jaspreet Walia.
  • UCD would like to invite the NCIFT board to Davis next year during picnic day and possibly having a group dinner. NCIFT could also come out the night before if the students were too busy during picnic day.

Meeting Adjourned: 5:20pm
Officer 1: Jaspreet Walia
Officer 2:Craig Rothe

Next meeting  IFT 18.  Day to be Determined.  Preferred Day by Committee Members

Grants Committee Updates

Dale Olds:

  • We currently are accepting applications for Student Travel Grants to 2018 IFT Annual Meeting and Expo. Notices have been sent to UCD and Chico State.  Applications can be submitted online through the NCIFT website.  Deadline for applying is May 5th
  • Since funds are available, we currently are looking to expand grants opportunities to individuals showing interest in food science.  Increasing funds to high school students presenting food science related projects at Science Fairs is being considered as well as getting funds to student hardship cases.  Further ideas would be welcome and could be sent to any member of the Grants Committee (Kimber, Charlwit, or me).
  • We also are looking for 1 or 2 additional volunteers to join the Grants Committee.  Please put out the word at the meeting and have anyone interested contact me.

Kimber Lew:

  • Elaine Chow and Erica Kenney are interested in joining the scholarship committee.
  • Los Altos History Museum’s Apricot STEM Fair, and they’d love to have the UC Davis Food Tech Club or NCIFT do a STEM demo for the fair on Sat. June 24th. It would be a great outreach and visibility opportunity! -Pallavi/Anjali Volunteered to spearhead this activity.


  • 6/xx/18- American Association of Candy Technologists. Possible event. Action item above.
  • 5/7-8/18 NCIFT Suppliers Night 5/8 and Golf Event 5/7
  • 7/15-18/18- NCIFT Section Gathering
  • 11/x/18 – Harvest/Holiday Event


  • 7/x/18 -Meeting at IFT
  • 8/xx/18- Planning meeting
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