Meeting Minutes December 7, 2017 - NCIFT

Executive Committee


Meeting Minutes December 7, 2017

Call to Order: 4:20 pm


Abigail Selya
Erin Evers
Brad Olson
Nikoo Arasteh
Carol Cooper
Reshmi Raman
Cindy Stewart
Craig Rothe
Adley Tong
Dale Olds
Illona Datskovskaya

Updates Since Last Meeting:

  • Budget Approved for 2018. Financial Report Submitted to National.
  • Inquiry out with Wells Fargo regarding additional account for Cruess Fund money.
  • Visited UCD to go over scholarships 11/29.
  • NCIFT Mixer(s) IFT18:
    • Spoke to Cactus President about #WestCoastBestCoast mixer. He will secure a room if we mobilize other sections (Washington/San Joaquin/Southern CA/Oregon)
    • Linda approached Brad about UCD/NCIFT joint event
    • Davis events have a fee, Cactus would coordinate the location and NCIFT would communicate with the other sections to coordinate. ->Reach out to Mike to coordinate event and costing.
      • In order to decide what we want to do we need to do understand the funding associated with these events. Event is expected to be ticketed.
      • Cactus mixer had the room last year and could have included multiple sections if we are splitting with 4 other sections costs would most likely be low. (appetizer event)
      • If there are no costs involved we should do both.

Committee Updates:

  • Scholarships & Grants- Dale: Cruess scholarship has a lot of funds right now and only 6 total applications and one pending. Resume, transcripts, letter of recommendation required and to apply. What is it that is keeping students from applying? We think that the faculty recommendation is the limiting factor so they have expanded it to previous employers or TAs. Show that you are already doing these activities. It is not open to masters students because they are already going to be able to meet and exceed the qualification status. Will open up a spot for one graduate student recipient starting 2018.
  • Try to be consistent with the number of recipients each year to maintain rewards.
  • From National is there an IT person who can streamline the application process-Scholarship America will be doing the administration of scholarships through the IFT Foundation for National recipients. Test run this year and then it will be offered out to the sections. –Contact Mike for more information.
  • Fresno State was the other university that was a recipient of our awards however they are no longer in our section. Fresno State has their own scholarship fund from the golf event they do so they no longer need our support. Scholarship for travel were still offered to them last year but we can work with them to set up their own travel grants so we can support our section more. Started to support Chico and we are going to try to develop them as well.
  • Dale Connect with Scott on helping San Juaquin valley to set up their own travel grants.
  • San Jose State does not have a food science program anymore.
  • Nominations & Elections Committee (3 Directors at Large, 1 President-Elect)- Think of activities that have varying amounts of commitment to help start people being involved. Ex: Holiday Party Committee. Asking people is the easiest way to get new people involved. Send a thank you for attending and if you know of anyone who would like to be part of the committee for the Holiday event in 2018 let us know. Having papers on the table that has is there anyone who you would like to recommend for a position and we can reach out to them.
  • Elaine- Will set up a photo booth tonight and little things like that will be fun.
  • Ask Mike for software options to assist in getting volunteer website set up.
  • Suppliers Night

Discussion with Cindy Stewart

CFS (Certified Food Scientist)

  • Are their options to help price reduce.
  • Provide a discount to chapter presidents or past executive committee members to have more CFS on the board.
  • Cindy will work with CFS Staff member Brenden to get some answers on these options.


  • Foreign supplier certification and letter of guarantees on quality and safety.
  • Possibly do a meeting, discussion, or workshop for FSMA to help educate people.

Leadership Forums

  • Are there any in person or web based portals to grow our leadership opportunities?
  • Students did a virtual global summit and it works really well to bring groups together.
  • Have a presentation to take to a company to grow our membership and show them what resources are available. However IFT needs to maintain that it is an individual member organization and we do not lobby for companies.

Remaining Action Items:

  • Fancy Food Show – RCA/NCIFT Gathering Funding
  • Brad/Carol: Hornblower Fees -> Move towards digital format – connect with advertisers verify that they would still want to be a part of it
  • Jaspreet/Bianca-work on developing new involvement and assigning a champion with industry connections for low attendance areas
  • Holiday Party –Next year get sponsorship and revenue, do a holiday party using our non-profit benefits new location
  • Education monthly lunch and learns to hold more educational opportunities. IFT has webinars available and share the link to make things more aware of these resources.

Meeting Adjourned: ___5:30_______ pm

Next meeting -> January 21st – After CLFP Luncheon

*Need more advertising and announcements for all our events

  • 1/22/18 Fancy food show- RCA/NCIFT Gathering (wanted money to help sponsor that event colevel $1000 or co-host $500) Will follow up on whether or not we will be sponsoring this event.
  • 2/21/17 CLFP Luncheon/Executive Committee Meeting Speaker- Parastoo Yaghameeà only have a booth on the 21/22 but only have staff for the 21st need volunteers to run the booth on the 22 (email event details to Reshmi to coordinate)
  • 3/1/18 Student award banquet – UCD
  • 3-4/xx/18 NCIFT Member Social- Fairfield Industry Event
  • 6/xx/18- American Association of Candy Technologists. Possible event. àAction item above.
  • 5/7-8/18 NCIFT Suppliers Night 5/8 and Golf Event 5/7
  • 7/15-18/18- NCIFT Section Gathering

Upcoming Executive Committee Meetings

  • 2/21/18 -CLFP After Luncheon in neighboring hotel Sacramento .
  • 4/xx/18- invitation to follow
  • 7/x/18 -Meeting at IFT
  • 8/xx/18- Planning meeting
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Dr. Zhongli Pan
UC Davis

Dr. Vivian Wu

Ms. Ellice Ogle
Tandem Food

Dr. Gabriella John Swammy

Dr. Nishtha Lukhmana
Premier Nutrition Company

Ms. Erin Evers
SPI Group


Dr. Xi (Alex) Feng

Mr. John Frelka
Del Monte Foods, Inc

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Dr. Leigh Schmidt

Ms. Yanyao Yu
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Ms. Ellice Ogle

Tandem Foods

Mr. John Frelka
Innovative Products and Services

Mr. Mike Toomey
Advanced Biotech

Ms. Yanyao Yu
Thrive Freeze Dry

Ms. Erin Evers
SPI Group

Ms. Clara Lang, Kinders